Emily Soldin Howard
My work revolves around the idea that tradition and history will persist in the future. Our past will catch up to us in one way or another, and it is interesting to explore the path it takes to slip into our life. I use photographs, letters, journals and recipes from people in family to represent things from the past. Food and recipes are important in my work because of their connection to the past, and the memories they evoke by reading, creating or recreating them.
I am fascinated with nature, and observing the life and death of a plant. I also use the stages of planting to represent the phases of life and death.
To relate past, present and future in visual terms, I use a variety of media to express my ideas, including fabric, wax, clay, plaster and found objects. I have always felt a strong connection to cloth, and although I experiment with other materials it always creeps back into my work. Textiles carry many links to the past and are often associated with memories and history, so I appreciate creating new histories and memories with my work.